About Us

Opus 25 yearsWe make furniture. And much more: from innovative fittings in a corporate office, to sympathetically refurnishing a listed building, to a bespoke bedroom.

We love doing different things. We always have, ever since Jonathan Baulkwill and Chris Turner set up the company in 1989. We now have a staff of forty and continue to grow organically.

Our partnership list runs to hundreds of the world’s most prestigious architects and designers, such as Wilkinson Eyre, Michael Gabellini and John Pawson.

They’ve chosen us for projects in buildings that include the British Museum, the Nicole Farhi flagship store in New York and the British Parliament. We’ve put a selection on our front page.

What we think is that our quality is the best you can get for whatever budget we are working to. What we know is that our clients return to us time and again.


We love design. And quality. And craftsmanship. It’s more than a passion. It’s what motivates us.

We also love working with beautiful woods. But what separates us from more conventional joinery firms is our understanding of different materials and how they can give a new dimension to each project. We are always experimenting with new types of glass, steel, plastic and even aluminium honeycomb.

Some clients come with a full design, knowing that we have the experience and creativity to realize that specification exactly. That’s great.

But what we like even more is to be given a basic concept, even a line drawing, and then get on with it.

Actually, you don’t even need to give us the concept. A simple brief will do. And you may even find we already have what you are looking for in our existing range of products.

Craft veneeringWorkshop

We manufacture in-house. That’s the key to quality. We invest in the best equipment on the market. But we are not a production line.

The same team or individual will take ownership of your project from start to finish. Then we’ll deliver and install as part of the same process.

Craftsmanship is eternal – whether using traditional techniques or modern technology. We’re proud of what we do. You’ll see that in the finished details – the materials, the arris, the backs.

And you’ll go on seeing it for many years.

Social and environmental

We take our responsibilities seriously.Fsc Certificate Exp 2020

Our materials are carefully sourced. Whenever possible our wood is sustainable. That means ensuring that every timber based material, at every stage from forest to final delivery, is certified and audited annually.

In our workshop, we’ve put our money where our ethics are. A biomass boiler uses our timber waste for all our heating and hot water. All emissions are processed and cleaned in accordance with strict regulations. And we’ve got LED lighting throughout.

For finishing, wherever possible we use natural oils and water based lacquers.

Our workforce is staff, not self-employed. Many have been with us for a decade or more. We work closely with training colleges. We don’t sub- contract.

We have continuing in house training and one-to-one mentoring. It’s not just top down learning. Staff are encouraged to work on their own ideas. We all learn from them, either at our regular meetings – or when we get together outside work.

We are a team.